Press Clipping
ALABINA – World music influenced by Flamenco and the Caribbean to perform at the Starlight Bowl

ALABINA is not straight up Salsa, but it’s an exciting mix of World Music that includes Middle Eastern, Arabic, French, Hebrew, and Caribbean sounds. The group was formed in France in 90s, when singer Ishtar first recorded with Los Niños de Sara, a group of cousins and musicians of Gypsy Spanish ancestry.

ALABINA will perform on June 22, 2019, at the Starlight Bowl Amphitheatre. Tickets range $40 to $125 and are available here. The Starlight Bowl is located at 1249 Lockheed View Drive, in Burbank CA 91501.

Below you’ll enjoy a couple of songs that line up with our Caribbean beloved rhythms, but you can also search for the group’s main hits, such as “Habibi” and “Lolai” to understand what this band has to offer.